Are You Smellin’ What I’m Steppin’ In?

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an unfiltered triple india pale ale with meridian, motueka and el dorado cryo [ in collaboration with the one and only Jester King Brewery of Austin, Texas ]

Go ahead, rub those eyes and refocus. Open those babes all the way up. You aren’t seeing things. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This is real life and here we are just trying to live in it. Well now that you’ve already read it, we’d like to officially introduce you to this whopping triple india pale ale, brewed with our fellow farm-brewing forever family at Jester King Brewery of Austin, Texas.

Known for their wild and spontaneous program, we have long admired the work they have put into the revitalization of certain beer styles along with their commitment to local agriculture. With obvious similarities between our breweries, it was a real dreamy day when we started referring to them as our friends.

In the past, our many collaborations have been exactly what people would surmise we would concoct, each one brewed with equal amounts of twigs and botanicals and rocks and all sorts of other locally farmed and/or foraged fixin’. Maybe in part, due to the tiredness of the predictability, we decided to stray far from the mixed-culture comforts y’all have come to expect.

This past year, at about the same time, we both started exploring and releasing unfiltered IPA’s. With a few under our belts and in their pockets, we shared all of the information we’d been learning about the style and went to work on this boss of a beer. With the same recipe, we both went to work on this collaboration utilizing ingredients from our very own place. Here in Nebo, this TIPA was mashed with a massive amount of local barley malt along with flaked oats, flaked wheat and raw heritage red turkey wheat. With some unique hopping additions, we bombed this beer out with a striking blend of meridian, motueka and el dorado cryo. Finishing with a massive body, thick mouthfeel and simply saturated with hop juice, this beefy boi is a real treat.

ABV: 10%

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