Dance Juice

4 pack cans


a double india pale ale fermented with local peaches and double dry-hopped with cashmere meridian, and hand-selected mosaic

Reimagined from a previous seasonal release known as Sun Prince, we decided to give this summer sizzler a little makeover. With the biggest change being the yeast, we wanted to showcase the skills we have obtained in our hazi boi IPA program.

Mashed with a massive amount of local barley malt along with an ample helping of flaked oats, flaked wheat and a pinch of raw wheat. Fermented with our preferred hazi IPA yeast for a luxuriously full-bodied mouthfeel. Injected into the fermenter with 1 ton of local, house-pitted peaches, sourced by our friends at Barbee Farm of Concord, North Carolina. Hopped and dry-hopped intensely with a tropical blend of cashmere, meridian, and hand-selected mosaic. With a tropical fruit explosion from the hops and the local peaches, this is the expression of summer through the shades of a DIPA. Expect explosive notes of peach gummy rings, freshly peeled strawberry banana and a dry-hopped piña colada.

ABV: 8.2%

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